Opioid CE Required for Licensure Renewal (for DEA License Holders Only)

March 7, 2022


SB1001 was passed during a special session of the Legislature called by Gov. Ducey this past January. The Bill requires all health care professionals who are authorized to prescribe controlled substances AND WHO HOLD A CURRENT/ACTIVE DEA LICENSE to complete a minimum of three (3) hours of opioid related continuing education each license renewal cycle. (Those licensees who do not have a DEA license DO NOT need to meet this requirement.)

The new law is effective April 26, 2018; the law also applies to any person in a medical degree program that will eventually permit them to obtain a DEA number and prescribe controlled substances, so there may be a change to the current curriculum for students in the Optometry Program at Midwestern University in order to meet the provisions of the law. 
Currently, The Arizona State Board of Optometry is amending rules to comply with this new law; rules are expected to be approved December 4, 2018.